The Team

A digital creative agency based in Milton Keynes.

Since 2013 we've been using our experience and expertise to collaborate with some of the best teams, helping them to produce and promote thier products using a range of digital solutions.

Mark Hopkins

Mark has over 15 years experience as a digital creative, using his wide range of skills to ensure that everything is produced to the highest of standards.

He can turn his hand to almost anything and is enthusiastic about all aspects of production and publishing, enjoying creative processes as much as technical challenges.

Using his broad skillset, and his keen eye for detail, he's able to see the bigger picture and offer clients creative and artistic direction for their projects as well as being a powerful asset in the development and production pipeline.

Martyn Puddephatt

Martyn has been working in tech for over a decade. He's worked on everything from web development to software engineering to game design and development.

Whilst leading teams to deliver projects to an exceptional standard he also works at an organisational level to help them drive value and increase performance.

Utilising his expertise in product management, he coaches individuals and businesses to overcome any obstacle and reach their potential. With an acute understanding of the fine balance between quality, cost and scope he can work with clients to help them fully understand the realities of project management.

Tim Chapple

Tim has over 10 years of experience of working in tech businesses and corporate finance environments, he's also a qualified accountant.

With a keen eye on project budgets and investor return on investment, Tim has a demonstrable track record of successful project delivery.

As well as his extensive finance experience, Tim also has a proven track record of product delivery from start to finish. He has led on several successful projects, overseeing design, development, testing and delivery of products into several market places achieving many successful sales records.

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